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DND Miniatures Starter Set Monster Card Flat Minis for D&D 5E|Pathfinder|TTRPG

DND Miniatures Starter Set Monster Card Flat Minis for D&D 5E|Pathfinder|TTRPG

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Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set - Unique Christmas Gift for DM

🚀Epic Kickstart for Your Campaign:  Meefylion's DM Starter Set is a 170 piece miniature set that includes all kinds of iconic monsters and creatures minis figures! This set has everything a new Dungeons Masters might need to start their party on an EPIC campaign! There are classic enemies like Goblins, Orcs, Undead, Trolls, and also druid, Boss Minis like Dragons! Unleash the chaos with Meefylion's Miniatures  Starter set! 40 bases of assorted sizes and bases for Flying Monsters included! Gear up for a legendary journey!

🎭 Characters Galore, Stories Unbound: Populate your towns, grid maps, and craft whole campaign arcs with dozens of unique Miniatures! Gone are the days of having a dozen identical generic, unpainted dragons figures. Interesting monsters, NPCs, and components tell a tale, and your players become part of the narrative.  Your imagination, the only limit!

🌎 Miniatures on the Move: Meefylion character mini are the ultimate travel companions! They pack flat, weigh next to nothing—no more lugging around clunky d&d campaign case! Slip a whole minis into a binder, an envelope, or even your back pocket! Easily bring them to your freinds party's table! Ready for spontaneous encounters, anytime, anywhere!

💪 Indestructible Fun: Each set minis gives DMs enough figures to populate dnd battle map with NPCs, roll nasty monster encounters, and set up adventures for a whole campaign arc! Unlike those "fat minis," Meefylion's are thin, flexible, and practically invincible! Made of shatterproof material, they survive table falls like true heroes. Your miniatures will thank you for choosing the skinny yet sturdy side!

🤑 Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Meefylion miniatures won't break the bank! DOZENS of UNIQUE miniatures per pack At just 40 cents per piece, you can amass an army without a dent in your dungeon master's treasure. Bulk up your library, enhance your game, and be the DM with the golden touch!


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